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Drawing and Painting & AP Studio Arts

Teacher: Mrs. Shiroyan

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Drawing and Painting 1-2

This course offers a broad introduction to art and medium. Students experiment with a variety of materials such as tempera paint, acrylics, watercolors, color pencils, charcoals, oil and chalk pastels. Students also explore various techniques on how to draw composition, use color and its theories, understand perspective and anatomy, and learn cultural and diverse art theories throughout history.   

Drawing and Painting 3-6

These advanced courses are designed to provide students with a deeper and intellectual connection with art and the experimentation on techniques. Students use creative processes to explore art mediums such as oil painting, gauche, watercolors, acrylic paint, pastels, mix media, markers and ink. Students use surfaces like canvas, watercolor paper, bristle board, found objects, and mix-media paper to express creativity.

AP 2-D Studio art & AP Drawing

This course enables students to develop mastery and quality in concept, composition, and execution of 2-D Design or Drawing. It enables students to develop a cohesive body of work investigating a strong underlying visual idea in 2-D design that grows out of a coherent plan of action or investigation (i.e., a “concentration”). The course teaches students a variety of concepts and approaches so that the student is able to demonstrate a range of abilities and versatility with ideation (i.e. “breadth”). Such conceptual variety can be demonstrated through either the use of one or the use of several media.

The course emphasizes making art as an ongoing process that involves the student in informed and critical decision-making.

The course includes group critiques, with the teacher, enabling students to learn to analyze and discuss their own artworks as well as artworks of their peers.

At the end of this course students submit a professional portfolio containing a body of 20 pieces of artwork.