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Work Permits

**Permits when school is not in session are issued by the College & Career Division**

Please DO NOT send work permit inquiries or requests to Ms.Gregg or Glendale High School as we will WILL NOT be issuing work permits in the summer.

  1. Find a job.
  2. Download the "Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit" form.
  3. Fill out the Minor's and School Information sections on the form. Please make sure it is legible and accurate with your full legal name (not a nickname). Sign the student section.
  4. Have your parent/legal guardian complete the parent section and sign and date the form.
  5. Have your employer complete and sign their section of the form. 
  6. Email the completed form (including all 3 signatures) to the College & Career Division, along with a copy of your Student ID Card for District Administrator approval and issuance. 
  7. Your final approved work permit will be emailed to you. 
  8. Please allow up to 5 school days for processing.