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Ceramics and AP Studio Arts 3D

Teacher: Ms. Soris-Masouris 

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Ceramics 1-2

Introduction to Ceramics 1-2 is the introductory course for the Arts, Media and Entertainment industry Sector, Visual/Commercial Pathway. Students will learn the elements of Art through the medium of ceramics and 3D Sculpture. Students will learn the various skills in order to create both functional and abstract works. Construction techniques include: pinch, slab, coil and throwing on the pottery wheel. Students will develop a variety of decorating techniques to finish their work including: mid-range glaze, underglaze and stains.

Honors Ceramics

Ceramics (honors) is an intermediate level course for the CTE/VAPA Ceramic and Sculpture Pathway. Students will deepen their understanding about the ceramic medium and 3D Sculpture.  Students will expand their techniques and their ability to discuss and analyze works will include more academic fluency. Students will continue to create and grow their body of work while still making both functional and abstract works. The fundamental skills of pinch, slab, coil and throwing on the pottery wheel will be necessary as students now incorporate stylings and more pieces with meaning into their repertoire. Students will also continue experimenting and perfecting their use of textures, mid-range glaze, underglaze and stains.  Students will maintain a notebook throughout the year for planning and brainstorming, note-taking and project development.

AP Studio art 3-D Design Portfolio 

Students will develop mastery in concept, composition, and excellence of work in 3-D Design using the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. Students  will develop mastery in concept, composition, as well as execution of 3-D design elements and principles. As students approach the requirements for this course, they will be expected to use a variety of concepts and approaches to demonstrate their ideas and abilities. Versatility of techniques is also emphasized as they develop ideation and solutions to problems.