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Community Service

Community Service

Glendale High students are encouraged to perform at least 75 hours of community service during their four years of high school. Even though it is not a graduation requirement, students who achieve this level of service and submit the appropriate forms will receive the GHS Community Service Award when they graduate.

The educational benefits of volunteering include: 

  • Developing personal and social responsibility
  • Promoting respect and understanding of the people and cultures in our community
  • Exploring career opportunities
  • Developing character and skills for successful citizenship

Seniors: The deadline to turn in your Senior hours is the second week of April. 

Volunteer hour forms for 9th, 10th and 11th graders are due on the last day of school.  

Only a signature from an adult supervising the activity will qualify for the volunteer service performed. Also, before you turn in your volunteer hours form to Ms. Orozco, make sure you make a copy of the form. If have any questions, please contact Ms. Orozco,  or stop by Room 1110.

Glendale High's Community Service Guidelines

  • Community Service must be non-paid
  • Community Service must be with a non-profit organization
  • Working with a family member or administrative work does not count as community service
  • Community Service is not allowed at private homes
  • Community Service cannot be performed during school instructional hours (lunch and after school is okay). The exemption is if you are a Super Tutor who has chosen to receive community service hours
  • Students may count volunteer hours for religious related activities
  • Students may volunteer for political campaigns and voter registration programs
  • Volunteer service hours count at hospitals, libraries, museums, parks, animal rescues/animal shelters, homeless shelters, retirement and convalescent homes
  • Clubs that participate in community service activities; such as, beach clean ups
  • Students may receive community service hours for volunteering at school events; such as, Program pick up, Back to School Night, Open House, graduation